First years insurance FREE to all new students




Congratulations to our new World Champions


Amy Clay


who won the continuous ladies black belt lightweight division in 2018


and the point stop ladies black belt lightweight division in 2018


Keiran Baseley


who won the cadet boys musical patterns in 2018


Justin Kirman


who won the foot destruction using turning kick



Congratulation to our first double European champion


Amy Clay


who won both the point stop and continuous ladies middleweight divisions in 2017




No classes Friday 1st July at Northwood


Colour belt grading Tuesday 5th July at Rickmansworth


Seminar Saturday 9th July at Loughborough


North Midlands Championships Sunday 10th July at Nottingham


Summer break- no classes from Friday 5th August- Thursday 18th August.


No classes Monday 29th August at Harrow

     Frequently Asked Questions:-


Q: Im Too old?

A:There is no upper age limit for Tae Kwon Do, I have students from 4-70 years old.


Q: What do they learn on the junior class if they don't go for belts?

A: The junior class has been designed to give the children enough skills and confidence, to be able to join the main beginners class without feeling completely lost.They will have their own skills chart which will allow them to see their progress on a lesson by lesson basis. Many of the skills learnt in the main class are replicated here but on a level the juniors can relate to.The classes are structured around learning whilst having fun, it is not a games class!


Q: How long are the juniors in that class before they move up?

A: It really does depend on the skills of the individual, the earliest juniors can complete their chart is around 9 months , others have taken 2 years. It's all about ability and not age.


Q:I'm unfit?

A:All the more reason to join.We build beginners fitness up gradually, you'll be surprised how much fitter you are after just six months.


Q: I'm shy?

A:Tae Kwon Do builds confidence, beginners classes are always separate to avoid students feeling intimidated by higher grades, we have many team building games that make you feel more at ease.


Q:How long does it take to become a black belt?

A:It will take at least 3.5 years before you earn your black belt. There are no double gradings or any quick ways. If you can persevere for that time then you are able to take your black belt grading.

All gradings are taken by an external examiner ensuring the quality of the tuition given.


Q:What will I need to wear?

A:For your first few months you can wear anything that is light and comfortable . i.e tracksuit,leggins,t-shirt etc ,no footwear is required.


Q:Do we have to pay by direct debit or sign any contracts?

A:No, You pay on a four weekly basis,we believe that you should enjoy your Tae Kwon Do, not train because you have paid a six/twelve/eighteen month contract.


Q:How much does it cost?

A:Payment is made in blocks of 4 weeks , training once per week is £26 and twice per week is £42(for the four weeks not per lesson!)that is on all of the main classes.

The junior classes have a trial period which lasts 4 weeks costing £28 , after that you then pay in longer blocks of 8 weeks costing £56.

As class sizes are limited , you are paying for your space on the class whether you attend or not and all classes need to be pre booked.


Q:I wish i had a friend to join with?

A:How many other people say the same thing, 70% join on their own and go on to make many new friends through Tae Kwon Do. We are not just a martial arts school, we hold many social events during the year.


Q:My child is being bullied at school, even though the teachers have been informed he is afraid to go back?

A:Self confidence and the ability to self achieve are major benefits of Tae Kwon Do. We teach students not to be arrogant or to misuse Tae Kwon Do. We teach students to be confident and respect others.


Q:How long will the course last?

A:We don't run our Schools as a series of courses. We teach on a continual basis throughout the year.


Q:Can I join in with my children?

A:Yes, on the main beginners class we encourage children over the age of 7 to train with their parents. If your child is aged between 4 - 6 they will need to start in the junior class, and we would encourage you to train with them when they move up to the main beginners class.


Q: Are you Covid safe?

A: Yes, Prior to entering your pre booked class you will have your temperature taken and need to sanitise your hands.We are limiting the face to face contact you will have with others in class and monitoring any partner work we do. Doors will remain open during the session along with any windows in the hall allowing a good flow of air.