First years insurance FREE to all new students




Congratulations to our new World Champions


Amy Clay


who won the continuous ladies black belt lightweight division in 2018


and the point stop ladies black belt lightweight division in 2018


Keiran Baseley


who won the cadet boys musical patterns in 2018


Justin Kirman


who won the foot destruction using turning kick



Congratulation to our first double European champion


Amy Clay


who won both the point stop and continuous ladies middleweight divisions in 2017





Umpires course at Stourport Saturday 17th July


Referees course at Stourport Sunday 18th



Umpires & Referees course at Cardiff Sunday 1st August


No classes running Friday 6th August- Thursday 19th August






Northwood .




On Fridays the lessons are at St Helens' Swimming and Fitness Club (in the sports hall)

 Green Lane



Class times are as follows:


Junior beginners (4-6yrs Limited space) 5.30-6.30pm-currently closed

 Beginners (7yrs-Adult) -Green tags 6.30-7.30pm- currently open

Green belts - Red belts 7.30-8.30pm- currently open

Black tags - Black belts 8.30-9.30pm- currently open


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